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Goen is my alter ego: she is funny, naive at times and enjoys laughing until her tummy hurts. I am a designer; I loooove cats, hot summer days and food that is “bad for you”. This portfolio consists of the characters who inhabit in my world. It’s quirky, bubbly and filled with colour. My design style is informed by things that have inspired me through life. I enjoy experiencing new things and meeting different people. _____"THE ESSENTIAL PART OF CREATIVITY IS NOT BEING AFRAID TO FAIL" -Edwin H. Land

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Man Size Lunch Bar print ads

The brief required the creation of a print campaign with 3 print advertisements for Cadbury’s Man Size Lunch Bar. My concept is to draw women to the lunch bar as a satisfactory substitute for men by playing on women's emotions and using humour through print advertising. 

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