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Goen is my alter ego: she is funny, naive at times and enjoys laughing until her tummy hurts. I am a designer; I loooove cats, hot summer days and food that is “bad for you”. This portfolio consists of the characters who inhabit in my world. It’s quirky, bubbly and filled with colour. My design style is informed by things that have inspired me through life. I enjoy experiencing new things and meeting different people. _____"THE ESSENTIAL PART OF CREATIVITY IS NOT BEING AFRAID TO FAIL" -Edwin H. Land

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Goen's characters

These are some of the characters that inhabit my world.

Ster Kinekor - Carrotastrophe

The brief required the creation of a 30” cinema advertisement to persuade viewers to donate money to Ster Kinekor’s Vision Mission. The concept derived from the popular myth that carrots will better your eyesight and the fact that children are gullible. Their childish innocence leads them to believe and act on myths and tales. 

Group members : Megan E, Kirsty G, Deirdre VW.

AFDA members : Lisha Gungadheen, Alexia Kyparissou







ISTD - Village 100

 The brief required the creation of a well-designed typographically based execution of the topic 100.
 In 1990, Donella H. Meadows published the original ‘State of the Village Report’. It took the current world statistics and reproduced them, as they would appear in a village of just 100 people. The village of 100 people reflects all the variations of the real world, but in values we can understand and relate to.